This is a Blog written by a late Twenty-Something lady from the UK following the ups and downs of married life. A mother to two Furbabies Leo and Harley, you will often see my many crazy cat lady posts relating to them, pictures included also!!

Having been diagnosed with PCOS in 2010, this site was designed to be an honest account of the conflicting advice, the tears and the joy of attempting to lead a regular life in a body genetically bound to remind you just how horrible PCOS is.

Upon a recommendation of living on the Paleo Diet to assist with some symptoms of PCOS, I have rekindled my passion for baking and plan to expand my kitchen utensils and publish my recipes or recipes tried from other blogs/websites/friends/family.

Of course if there is wonderful people out there who would like to send me recipes/products/goodies etc, feel free to message me at moderndaygal@hotmail.com. Of course all credits will be made and reviews will be honest and of my own opinion.

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