I have rejigged some of my posts.

As this blog gets more successful and I attempt to widen my networking skills, I have found that certain social media sites are not being used to their full capacity due to family members/employers/colleagues do not know I am trying for a baby.

I do not want the blogs audience to be limited but I also do not want to stop writing about this part of my life, nor do I want to miss out on some peoples journeys that I have encountered over the past few months.

With this in mind I have made a new site where you can continue reading my TTC journey right here:

My new TTC blog – Go follow it!

I will continue to post Paleo, PCOS, cat and married life posts here.

Please note this post will remain for 30 days and then I will remove this post as I do not want a link to the new site.

Thanks guys!

A Non-Fictious Love Story

Its me again!!

Mine and Harry’s relationship didn’t get off to the best start, around the time of us getting together I was experiencing symptoms that I didn’t quite understand.

First there were the irregular periods but I’ve always had that issue, then came along the excess hair, the excess spots (as a twenty-something woman you’d hoped puberty had long gone) so I went to my local GP and underwent investigations.

I was diagnosed with PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I wasn’t quite sure what this was but all I knew was that my head was going crazy as the one thing I knew about this was YOU CANT HAVE KIDS!!!!! As someone who lives for fairy tales, romance and the happily ever after, the idea that I was Baron shattered every ounce of my being.

Five years on, I am more educated in PCOS and know that I can and will have children. Having watched the BBC drama “The C Word” she discusses how there is so many factual bullshit around the internet but not anyone going through the struggle. Not that PCOS is anything remotely like that AT ALL. However, as a PCOS sufferer; I could sympathise that there is only factual websites and forums.

Within these forums I have come across numerous threads which I could look to for advice and help, to find the entries are years old and no one ever replies as they’re now too busy being mums to sprogs and sprogettes.

Fast forward to today, having spent the past half hour hovering my poor cat over a bath for my husband to clean shit off of his leg, I am writing to those out there who are fed up with not having an outlet for their issues. Those who are fed up with being given conflicting advice, for not having someone who can understand what they’re feeling. I write here with not advice, but just a tale, a tale of someone who will get their happily ever after, sprogs and all!