My furbabies


This beauty is Harley, my husband says she is named after the motorbike, I say after the comic book character HarleyQuinn; however, her naughtiness proves she was named after the latter.  With a love for all human food and drink, she pretends to hate people but when guests leave, she loves nothing more than being a lap cat and getting love.


This lazychops is Leo aka Mooman. He is Garfield reincarnated; a lazy cat who has a love for food, shoes and sleeping as this photo shows. He didn’t have a good start as he was a stray who was taken in by someone who lived with maggots, thought an overflowing litter tray was acceptable and thought abusing this poor boy was a hobby. Luckily he had to get rid of Leo as he was breaching his housing contract and in we came and saved this poor boy.

Keep posted for several updated on my beautiful furbabies…

The cat who doesn’t like me….


I don’t get this cat, she has spent three years not liking me and now this is all from the past three weeks.

Has someone changed her mind? I think so!!!!!

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Another of Harley’s drink of choice….


This girl loves a bit of chocolate milkshake….

With the many sneaky attempts of stealing our food and drink, I may just be able to create a page dedicated to this hahahahahaha

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present Harley……


Yep, it seems any liquid at the moment is claimed by her. Here she is drinking cold tea… She kept going back to it several times over an hour.

She is too funny sometimes.

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