Paleo-ness in all its glory

I have always suffered a variety of symptoms all courtesy of PCOS and IBS. I have always had a bad relationship with food, favouring Italian cuisine, and anything remotely sugary and fattening; ergo why I have dedicated a subpage to desserts!!

When I embarked on this blog, I did not envisage my attitudes to diet changing. A simple recommendation to try the Paleo Diet has not only made me feel better, but it has opened my eyes to a wide variety of food alternatives, allowed me to revisit my love for baking and even getting my husband on board (to an extent).

Here I plan to detail any successful recipes I’ve tried, with full acknowledgements of course, and hopefully any recipes I successfully create myself!!! (That’s the goal but whether it happens we’ll see!)

Paleo Cookies – Coconut, Cinnamon and almond toppings

2015-09-17 13.50.16

I love me some sweet food, so cookies are of course a great love of mine. In my numerous hours of recipe research for Paleo treats it does seem that the same three flavours are being used; these being Coconut, … Continue reading

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Paleo Alternatives for the Beginner.

As I have previously posted, my Grandfather passed away very suddenly and unexpected on the 2nd September 2015. For a few days after that I barely ate, grief became too much for me and my body’s natural reaction to stress and sadness is to stop having any appetite or incline of when is the time that food is required to function.

Due to this I decided to stop with the Paleo Diet temporarily, and to eat whatever and whenever I wanted. My thoughts being that as long as I was eating something then perhaps it could kickstart my appetite and I would get back to eating properly.

Now I am back to eating properly, I have noticed that that my IBS has reared its head due to eating copious amounts of bread and pasta. I feel like my stomach is about to burst due to the excessive bloating and I just feel crappy.

From today I am going back to my Paleo Diet and I am looking forward to more meat, less carbs and a slimmer tummy!!

There is one problem I have found when sticking to the Paleo Diet and that is that my husband loves his chips and pasta and spaghetti hoops therefore he although willing to eat what I eat, he is not happy when I remove his chips and replace with sweet potatoes.

With the above in mind and for ease of cooking when I have been at work all day, I have been researching Paleo alternatives that can be easily swapped, such as a previous meal where I cooked Venison Steaks, chips and vegetables where I had sweet potato chips instead.

For those that are in the same boat as me I have found the following:

  • Alternative to Butter/margerine is Ghee:- I have removed the use of butter all together when seasoning though , I used to cook anything in boiling water with butter, or leave it to melt on top of things in the oven. I have not missed this at all but that may be me overcompensating with my new found love for herbs…… Oh I love herbs whether it be cumin, paprika, rosemary, thyme, oooooo it makes me warm on the inside hahaha!!
  • Alternative to Vegetable Oil is Coconut, Olive or Avocado Oil:- I always used Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook food in so this is a healthier option however I use Coconut Oil if cooking alone as the husband hates coconut.
  • Alternative to regular flour is Coconut or Nut Flour:- Nut Flour is basically ground almonds. You can also use chestnut, sesame and tapioca flout. The later acts like a gluten and binds ingredients together. I have found it impossible to find coconut flour in England and when baking it is recommended to replace the amount of it with additional ground almonds (can you tell the only type of flour replacement I have used so far???)
  • Alternative for Pasta is Vegetable or Kelp Vegetables:- I have not tried this as for now I am slowing adjusting to the Paleo way of life and unfortunately with my IBS *cringe* I can be sensitive to a change of diet, however I have been using Cous Cous which is a healthier alternative than conventional Pasta, but it really does not go with Bolognese I can tell you that now!! I felt like I was eating two separate meals!
  • Alternative for Rice is Cauliflower Rice:- Apparently if you add the florets (the flowery bits) into a food processor and pulse you get some rice! Then dip it into boiling water or roast in an oven you get a carb-free meal! (My diet used to consist of rice, pasta or potato so this is like a heavenly alternative I just HAVE to try this week!!! Keep an eye out for my post in which I will let you know how I found it.)
  • Alternative for Peanut Butter is Almond Butter:- As I am sure you are aware from this and previous posts, I harbour an inner fat girl who loves cake, chocolate, and I actually used to enjoy eating sugar cubes dipped in tea as a snack…. Therefore to find an alternative to Peanut butter made me thank the Lord! There is almond, cashew and hazelnut butter which spread onto grain-free crackers is my lunch FOREVER!!
  • Alternative for milk chocolate:- DARK CHOCOLATE WOOHOO! The darker the better (aim for a minimum of 70% cacao Solids)
  • Alternative for cow’s milk is Coconut or nut milk:- Alpro is the most common brand for this, I currently have a container in my fridge unopened and once I feel better this will be put to the test with my many cups of tea that I have =]

There are many alternatives out there but the above are what I would say the beginner Paleo’ers should know to get to grips with the Diet. I do feel that the route to a successful “diet” (not in the lose weight but just a healthier intake of foods) is to make a slow transition. If you remove all the carbs, dairy and other foods out all at once, not only could it be a shock to the system, but it can also put someone like me off as it is too much work too soon and the easy convenience of sticking food on the hob/oven for 15-20 minutes is so much easier than cooking from scratch after having a 12 hour day.

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My first recipe – Sweet Potato Chips


My first recipe is a very basic and easy, but oh so tasty play on the world famous chips!

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to not cheat on a diet, how some days you think “oh sod it, one little break won’t hurt.” But I am trying to replace all cheats with a healthy replacement.

Earlier in the week Harry was complaining to me that he was fed up of eating healthy and fancied chips. So here is my way of still being healthy but being able to eat a similar meal with those who aren’t on the Paleo diet, with sweet potato chips.

I started with two sweet potatoes, cutting the ends off and cutting the potatoes into quarters. Then cut each quarter into long strips to make chip-esque shapes. (You can keep the skin on or peel it off – I have tried it both ways and like both, keeping the skin on makes it crispier though,)


I have placed my chips into baking sheets to soak up excess oil and to hold seasonings that fall off – it also keeps the washing up slave (I mean the husband) happy!!

Sprinkle salt, pepper and Rosemary to season according to taste and drizzle with oil as seen below:


Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Then take out to shake and turn the chips over before adding back into the oven for a further 25 minutes.


This is the final result after 45 minutes. (Check out the yummy venison on the plate! Please excuse my awful knife skills, it was a Friday night…. Need I say more?)

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Oh wow this crumble was so tasty, I am really getting into the Paleo Diet malarkey.

nom nom nom.

Any recipes to try are greatly appreciated 🙂

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After the storm comes a rainbow.

For the past two days I have been trying to stick to the Paleo Diet  as much as possible, I am eating breakfast everyday which isn’t always the case in the past. With work it is hard to eat the right breakfast, so granola and goats milk yoghurt it is the best option for me. My lunch remains the same going forward: carrots, mange tois, tuna and broccoli with a pot of fruit as dessert.

My afternoon snack is the “food doctor” crisps, which are a healthier option. Dinner is meat, veg and Dessert is a healthier yoghurt.

I know yoghurt is dairy (but the goats milk yoghurt isn’t really is it? woo!) and that I shouldn’t be having it but with my sweet tooth, making healthy desserts for one is a chore.

I am feeling a lot better for it, I am finding it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning, HOWEVER……

Oh my days, my skin is awfull!!!! I have so many spots at present. I am hoping it is my body getting rid of all of the toxins in my body due to me eating healthier and as the title of this post states I like to think that I am in the eye of the storm right now.

I am hoping this time next week there will be more updates, hopefully more positive aswell!!

Healthy eating… Sorry, what?

So in my last post I mentioned about being apprehensive regarding eating to ease symptoms of PCOS.

It has been recommended by a fellow blogger to try the Paleo diet, upon research it appears to be in laymen terms… The caveman diet. All meat and not much else.

In reality it means you are allowed grass-produced meat (what’s that you say? I’m actually getting Harry to google and it is free range/organic meat), fish/ seafood, fresh fruit and veg, eggs, nuts and seeds and healthful oils.

You cannot eat cereal, dairy, sugars, potatoes, processed food,  salt and fatty oils.

Ive been super good and ate vegetables for lunch with yoghurt (I know dairy but it’s better then a chocolate bar right?) tonight is venison steaks with sweet potato, butternut squash and more veg. *air highfive*

I looked up some recipes and ideas for meals as I don’t like omlettes so that use of eggs is redundant. But I found banana pancakes, like hell yeah!!! Sounds super easy and tasty.

There is also peach crumble, meat loaf, coconut cookies and a chicken and cashew wrap.

Im getting excited about this healthiness, if I get clearer skin and less bloat then I’ll be a happy lady 🙂

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