PCOS – An honest account of a sufferer

This month is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Awareness month (PCOS for short) and in light of the last few days I felt it was only right to give an account of how PCOS can affect a woman in their day to day life.

For those who do not know what PCOS is, it is a mild to severe condition that according to the NHS website “affects how a woman’s ovaries work.” The website also states that the three main features of PCOS is: Cysts that develop in your ovaries, your ovaries not regularly releasing eggs and high levels of androgens (male hormones) in the body. Symptoms to not usually surface until your late teens or early twenties.

Symptoms include:
1) Irregular periods or no periods at all
2) Difficulty getting pregnant
3) Excessive hair growth commonly on the face, chest hair, back or bum
4) Weight gain
5) Thinning hair and hair loss from the head
6) Oily skin or acne

The more I research this topic the more I get frustrated as no-one seems to know quite exactly causes PCOS, although it is seen to be hereditary and associated with abnormal hormone levels which includes high levels of insulin which is why there is an increased risk of Diabetes type II amongst other later in life health issues.

Every website I have looked at states that to treat PCOS, although there is no cure, losing weight can make symptoms better. However, when I was diagnosed I weighed 6st 2lbs and I now weigh roughly 9 and a half stone (being my heaviest at 10 stone) and my symptoms are exactly the same as they were when I was a stick thin slim-jim. So in my personal experience I haven’t found that losing weight has an impact (again this is only my opinion from my personal experience), but what can help is a healthy balanced diet and in my opinion; the birth pill. However this is only due to the hormones being pumped through your giving it a false sense of regularity. But at the same time for those who want a family if you are on it for too long it can cause your body to take a while to get back to normal once you decide to start trying for a baby. I personally found microgynon 30 the best but after a bout of Migraines was told I could not take it anymore, so after numerous other types of Pills, I couldn’t find one to mask my PCOS symptoms until I had the implant fitted.

My main reason for this post was due to the incident that happened last night. But first a little backstory =]
At my Grandad’s funeral this week, I did not stick to the Paleo Diet and that night I didn’t either. The next night I went to the cinema straight after work so I again, cheated on my diet. Yesterday I started to get painful tummy gripes and cramps, but I put this down to my IBS playing up due to my eating habits over the past few days. Boy was I wrong!!

During the night I woke up with a stabbing pain in my tummy, I run to the bathroom thinking I was either going to be sick or it was a case that I had a bad tummy, but the pain would not subside. I felt lightheaded and the pain was indescribable, I honestly thought I would black out. After being sick, the pain died down and I was able to go back to bed.

Having woken up today, to what was meant to be H’s fake birthday (his birthday was the day of my Grandad’s funeral so we agreed to rearrange it). I feel so rubbish, I am exhausted, my tummy still hurts, I have a fever and I just feel horrible. I am pretty sure this is all due to a cyst bursting.

If you think you have had an Ovarian Cyst Rupture, here are the 5 signs:

1)Sudden and severe abdominal, back and/or pelvic pain – I had pain radiating in my whole lower tummy and thought that if it was a cyst rupturing then it would be nearer to my ovaries (apparently not!) The pain is the ripping of the membrane wall of the cyst so once it has detached itself the pain goes quite quickly.
2)Increased pain during sex and bowel movements and an increased urge to urinate – Well I wee a lot according to H, so this wasn’t a symptom for me.
3)Nausea and vomiting – As above, my rushed dinner to watch the Rugby World Cup opening was for nothing =[ This is the body’s natural reaction to the pain that occurs when the Cyst ruptures.
4)Dizziness and/or sudden weakness – As above, I do think had it not been for my pukage, then I would have blacked out. I hate the sensation and it makes me shudder just thinking of the state I was in last night, laying on the bathroom floor crying as my body couldn’t be sick yet I knew if I wasn’t I would pass out.
5)Fever – This is the body’s way to deal with the risk of infection of the fluid from the rupture.

Please know I am not a doctor, so I cannot confirm these symptoms could not be due to something else, and if you are worried please go to see your local GP or A&E or NHS Direct etc. More so, if your symptoms do not subside or you are worried definitely seek medical help people!!!

I have rejigged some of my posts.

As this blog gets more successful and I attempt to widen my networking skills, I have found that certain social media sites are not being used to their full capacity due to family members/employers/colleagues do not know I am trying for a baby.

I do not want the blogs audience to be limited but I also do not want to stop writing about this part of my life, nor do I want to miss out on some peoples journeys that I have encountered over the past few months.

With this in mind I have made a new site where you can continue reading my TTC journey right here:

My new TTC blog – Go follow it!

I will continue to post Paleo, PCOS, cat and married life posts here.

Please note this post will remain for 30 days and then I will remove this post as I do not want a link to the new site.

Thanks guys!

My worst month yet, advice needed!!!

Around the time of my diagnosis, I was suffering from a bad bout of PCOS where I could be having a period for nine weeks and would need medical intervention to stop them as God knows when it would actually end it naturally.

This month I had a 32 day cycle which isn’t bad for me; however, my period went on for 12 days and last night I came on again, 23 days into my cycle (only 9 days break from the end of my last period.)

Not only is this frustrating, annoying and god damn infuriating, it also renders me exhausted as I’m in agony from cramps, not able to sleep from being uncomfortable and my lower back always flares up when I’m on period.

PCOS is slowly becoming my enemy and as much as I try to find a way for us to live together in harmony, it finds another way to be in my bad books.

Fellow PCOS sufferers I need your advice, me and the husband were considering going to see a doctor about this, however we are not sure as we only saw our doctor three weeks ago and he said he didn’t want to see us for another two months.

Today is a bad day

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep or just being frustrated but looking on sites about PCOS is just getting me confused.

The last week my symptoms are getting worse. I’ve been off of contraception since May 3rd and as it’s only use was to keep my symptoms at bay I feel they’re coming back with a vengeance.

My skin is so oily and although spots are always. Problem, they’re worse. I usually have one or two big ones and now my face seems covered in small bumps as well. The usual beauty regime that has worked for the past six months isn’t working anymore. My hair Lasts no more than 1.5 days after washing it, before it becomes a grease-ball. My unwanted hair is appearing every other day with a new hair sprouting just waiting to be plucked. I’m overly emotional and scared my depression is rearing its head, I’ve been off anti depressants since March/April and do not like the idea of being back on them. I always freak that if my moods stay low for more than a few days then it’s coming back, but I shouldn’t wallow, I should try to be positive but it’s hard when I know how low I can go.

I decided to do research on blogs for PCOS today praying that I’ll find something to help, or at least perk me up but it proved my point that the most popular sites are years old, barely updated or just crap.

One thing I do wonder though, every fact site mentions losing weight, being a UK size ten I doubt I’m in that boat, however I also wonder “would it hurt?”

I’ve always had a problem with food, not in an anorexic/bulimic sense, but I’m a fussy eater. I don’t eat meat in a bone or meat that looks like an animal. I have an appetite like a sparrow but give me a dessert before dinner and I’m a happy lady.

With these issues, is it any wonder I’m apprehensive to even consider “dieting” when I’m small sized as it is, I would consider speaking to my GP but the only woman GP at my surgery I had faith in talking to about PCOS has left and sexist as it may be, I don’t know if a male doctor could truly sympathies with a late twenties woman blubbering about food and fertility issues.

If there is anyone who can help me with suggestions I would be most thankful.

I’m signing off,

An apparent desperate, emotional wreck aka Mrs Harris

PCOS, my life and the journey to Parenthood so far

It is no secret that I want kids, it is also no secret that I have dreamed of having the white picket fence, the kids hanging on my waist and the pets and husband also.

Pets – check

Husband – two months in and counting 🙂


Lets just say that is a work in progress!

A Non-Fictious Love Story

Its me again!!

Mine and Harry’s relationship didn’t get off to the best start, around the time of us getting together I was experiencing symptoms that I didn’t quite understand.

First there were the irregular periods but I’ve always had that issue, then came along the excess hair, the excess spots (as a twenty-something woman you’d hoped puberty had long gone) so I went to my local GP and underwent investigations.

I was diagnosed with PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I wasn’t quite sure what this was but all I knew was that my head was going crazy as the one thing I knew about this was YOU CANT HAVE KIDS!!!!! As someone who lives for fairy tales, romance and the happily ever after, the idea that I was Baron shattered every ounce of my being.

Five years on, I am more educated in PCOS and know that I can and will have children. Having watched the BBC drama “The C Word” she discusses how there is so many factual bullshit around the internet but not anyone going through the struggle. Not that PCOS is anything remotely like that AT ALL. However, as a PCOS sufferer; I could sympathise that there is only factual websites and forums.

Within these forums I have come across numerous threads which I could look to for advice and help, to find the entries are years old and no one ever replies as they’re now too busy being mums to sprogs and sprogettes.

Fast forward to today, having spent the past half hour hovering my poor cat over a bath for my husband to clean shit off of his leg, I am writing to those out there who are fed up with not having an outlet for their issues. Those who are fed up with being given conflicting advice, for not having someone who can understand what they’re feeling. I write here with not advice, but just a tale, a tale of someone who will get their happily ever after, sprogs and all!